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Earth Day Running™ - The Platform to engage China in environmental education and world peace... imagine Earth Day every day in China.

As China continues to face challenging environmental problems Earth Day Running™ is determined to lead the country towards a greener and sustainable future. We believe this next generation will be the difference. We are starting from the bottom up, motivating, inspiring and educating the children. Children convince their parents and therefore government and business to make the necessary changes for their country to be a leader in environmental sustainability.

The Earth Day Running™ Events are the first step in a larger youth initiative to transform China from the largest polluter in the world to an environmental leader.

The Race has begun!

Creative Environmental Education for 1.4 billion children and adults in China.

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The First EDR Event

Motivating children to inspire change in government, businesses and adults.

Leadership Collaboration


First launched in Shenzhen in January 2016, the most dynamic manufacturing city in China. Since then more than 65,000 children have participated in Earth Day Running™ Events and hundreds of millions have learned about the environment.

Earth Day Running™ initiated online co-run programs with The #1 Running App YPQ with over 1.2 million DAU (daily active users) and targeted 6 million members.

Earth Day Running™ joined with the Guiyang government to make entrepreneurs, bankers and property managers more conscious of the environment with the Zen Research Earth Day Running™ project an ancient Chinese tradition of Cultural Heritage.

Earth Day Running™ launched a two year program for 27,000 mid-class families and 6 million disciples of Buddhist Master Wan Xing and DonHua Temple.

Earth Day Running™ signed a joint venture with Vision Alliance International (VAI) to Co-produce a 12 episode reality TV series broadcast over 100 local TV stations with emphasis on environmental education. Earth Day Running™ will incorporate all major media platforms and outlets including new media.

In 2020, Earth Day Running™ Events happen in 30 cities. These powerful events change the consciousness of the country because Earth Day Running™ will saturate China through environmental education online, TV and print media. Earth Day Running™ will directly influence hundreds of millions of consumers in China.

The final week of the 30 City Event, environmental education will be the number one news story in China, with the blessing of the Central Government.

Earth Day Running™ will work with 100 large companies to design custom programs for their social responsibility and environmental engagement.

Earth Day Running™ can also place environmental programs into the Chinese Education System and host an awards ceremony to encourage Green Leaders under the age of 18.

By the end of 2020, millions of children with a new environmental awareness will have attended EDR Events throughout China wearing attractive Earth Day Running™ merchandise and an unforgettable experience.

If Donors or Brands want videos, pictures and media exposure, Earth Day Running™ will now incorporate a broad range of media coverage, metrics and evaluation.

11 EDR Events completed with more than 65,000 Children and 60 sponsors, plus government departments, green associations and foundations involved, and more than 50 media groups including TV, Radio, Newspaper and New Media, all promoting Earth Day Running™ throughout China.

EDR Corporate Strategic Alliances



With its consistent open port, we were able to reach over 100 million fans, and our ‘RB themed cellphone skin’ have achieved 400,00 downloads.

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Launched an online Tencent Carnival with our program and image for 2 weeks earning over 100million clicks.


The Strategic Partner with consistent promotion through their media and provisions of video filming.

CR Home under CRC

Special performance with 3000 faithful families on site, providing environmental and lifestyle education.

Tempus Group

A multibillion public company rated as a top 500 corporation in China as well as a top 100 company in Shenzhen.

LED Association

Provides services for over 2000 companies. Will host 2 special performances in 2020 for the associated companies.

Executive Team

Jonathan Fu

Jonathan Fu is CEO of EDR Global and Chairman and CEO of Wisdom Power Technologies, a leading bio-degradable plastic company solving the plastic waste problem in China which estimates to 100 million tonnes a year. Jonathan has led the EDR Global team as the key partner with the government protecting the environment and creating a bridge and channel between China and the United States.

Jonathan also served as Chief Environmental Consultant to TCIM, Co-Secretary General of IIS and Program Advisor to Guanghua Foundation China. He provides expert assessment and advisory services for their clients on matters pertaining to the management of environmental issues. He plays an integral role in reducing the detrimental impact of industrial, commercial and government initiatives on the environment.

Jonathan has joined with the Guiyang government to make entrepreneurs, bankers and property managers more conscious of the environment with the Zen Research EDR project which is an ancient Chinese tradition of Cultural Heritage.

Jonathan EDR’s incredible, competent and outstanding CEO signed a joint venture with Vision Alliance International (VAI) to Co-produce a 12 episode reality TV series broadcast over 100 local TV stations and all major media platforms with emphasis on environmental education. This powerful event is aimed to change the consciousness of the country by directly influencing hundreds of millions of consumers in China.

As the head of EDR Global, Jonathan participates in various seminars covering biodiversity to help promote bio greenery products.

Jonathan’s competitive edge is evident from the fact that he has played squash at national levels. He is also an ardent traveller and an avid reader which goes well with his keen interest in photography and music.

Jud Ireland

Partner & Creative Director MultiCORE Developing an International Airport in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Chairman Wisdom Trust Capital and EDR Global. In China we engaged 168 TV stations to promote environmental education and broadcast creative Earth Day Running events in 30 cities. In 2009 the only American member of the CBEEX, Chinese Beijing Environmtl. Exchange allowed to invest, trade and advise Chinese companies on carbon trading. Real Estate owner and developer for 30 years, portfolio located throughout New York (Park Ave. South), California, Colorado, Texas and Florida. Projects and tenants included Urban Outfitters, Qwest, Computer Sciences Corporation, Telmar Networks, and Sprint Corporation. Chairman of Gummiwerks / Luvli the only self-deploying condom and Naked Luxury condoms, see Nakedcondoms.com both brands have a strong social conscience and vision. Founding Investor of Transclick, winner of The World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer Award 2008. Member Peter Diamandis abundance360. Founding Investor LifeGuides, Winner a360 Global Challenge, peer to peer assistance for life's challenges. Investor: Seeds of Change, preserving the indigenous seeds of America, El Super, a unique chain of grocery stores designed for the Latin American community and others.

In the early 90's Jud served Big Blue Foundation as its Chairman. Big Blue was first to pioneer "Electronic Democracy" known for controversial hard hitting Environmental PSA films featuring James Earl Jones, asking President Bush (with success) to attend the First Earth Summit in Rio, and with Paul Newman asking President Clinton to "Save the National Forests" which Clinton did do and campaigns against Exxon-Mobil for the oil spill in Alaska with music contributions by Enya and others. Big Blue Foundation was endorsed by the UN and 8 top environmental groups. Jud Is currently on the board of trustees The Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride, Colorado, a sponsor of Sustainatopia and resides in Miami Beach, FL.


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